Cretan Corner

Welcome to our Traditional Cretan Products Store!

Manolis loves Crete and his village MALEME very much. So, he thought, for the residents and also for the visitors of his village, he had to revive his grandfathers old café-grocery shop into a unique place that everyone can see the Cretan tradition and culture ,and also taste the Cretan traditional flavors. 

Having grown up with pure Cretan products and knowing that Cretans fed with products produced by their land, that they eat plenty of vegetables, herbs and vegetables, dairy products such as cheese, cream cheese, cottage cheese, legumes, fruits, and snails.


Flavor their dishes with herbs and plants from the mountains of the island, such as thyme and oregano, and almost always accompany food , with house wine and raki. Drink mountain tea as mallotira, burning bush, sage and consume plenty of pure honey. Thinking all these, he decide to make a shop calling it the "Cretan Corner" , an area with fine Cretan products where every resident and visitor will have the opportunity to taste all these products. 


So began a long journey to Crete in search of the best product produced, this blessed place. The journey of searching for the best Cretan products never stops by Manolis uniquely always in the best quality at the table of friends customers' Cretan Corner. "


The 'Cretan' Corner is open from May 2003 until today in Maleme Chania from Paparaftakis Manolis and his wife Irene Chnari. Their basic principle and unique advertising are:

“ You remember the taste and quality ... forever ...”

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